Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Have been a while that I think on this. This blog is barely used and I am making a new one for not just my SL items.

I was about to leave this for only the items I sell, while in the other one I could post just about everything. But I think is not necessary at all. So I decided that I could just close this blog and use the new one where I will post my stuff, tutorials and everything I may find interesting.

Also, K3D will close and be replaced for just my SL name. Since I started making so many stuff, custom meshes, tutorials, etc... K3D isnt anymore a mark that distinguish me from others, while my name is. I changed the name of my facebook page already and Twitter and Google+ already have a "Kitsune Shan" page. The group in SL will be called "Kitsune Shan" as well so I can keep track better of everything I'm doing.

Now I just need make a new logo and start making new stuff.

This is the url of the new blog, I hope you go there and follow. The theme is still in progress, thats why still being the basic one for now:


I hope to see everyone there, regards:

Kitsune Shan
Saturday, 21 January 2012

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